Central Sands Dairy - Nekoosa WI

In the latter part of 2007, Wysocki Produce Farm became partners with Central Sands Dairy, a 3,000 cow dairy farm in Nekoosa, Wis., primarily to extend rotations, improve soil management and increase sustainability. Central Sands Dairy is designed to make use of advanced manure handling, along with crop nutrient recycling. The resulting methane gas created from the manure is used to power the farm, generate electricity or produce natural gas. The rest of the composted manure is then used as fertilizer on fields of the alfalfa, corn and soybeans used to feed the cows. From the cows to the manure to the field...and back to the cows—Full Circle Farming at its best.

Central Sands Dairy is a state-of-the-art dairy operation owned by Wysocki Produce Farm and Fair Oaks Dairy in the town of Armenia in Juneau County, Wis.  Central Sands Dairy was created out of a vision of land and animal husbandry that emphasizes environmental stewardship while maintaining long-term economic stability.  Employing modern management systems, Central Sands Dairy truly embraces the “Farming Full CircleSM” concept that serves as the mission of Wysocki Produce Farm, a family-owned potato farm.

Farming full circle is achieved by integrating operations such as a dairy and a potato farm, such as Central Sands Dairy and Wysocki Produce Farm, to create a local, environmentally-friendly and long-term sustainable farm. By planting dairy forage crops, such as alfalfa and field corn (on a rotational basis) in fields where potatoes are grown, we can enhance the soil through reduced wind erosion and nitrate leaching. In turn, the dairy provides recycled organic nutrients that can be applied to fields, reducing our reliance on commercial fertilizers and further improving the soil’s condition.