Company Headquarters

Wysocki Family of Companies 
8550 Central Sands Rd.
P.O. Box 330
Bancroft, WI 54921

Telephone: 1-800-678-2789
Local: 1-715-335-8050
Fax: 1-715-335-8051

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re a second-generation family-owned agricultural operation based in the Midwest with offices and growing locations throughout the U.S. Our team of 250 people grow some of the best food on earth—including potatoes and onions—which are the primary crops we grow and sell. WFC oversees its produce from planting the seed in the fields until the produce reaches the grocery store; our dedicated team handles the production, packaging, storage, marketing and sales of our produce.

Family farms come in all shapes and sizes these days. Our farm was founded by three brothers and is now owned and operated by the second generation of the family. The third generation is college-aged and preparing to bring the company into its next phase of family ownership.

WFC is dedicated to supporting and volunteering for local churches, schools, youth organizations and charities in the communities where our employees live and work. For donation requests, please contact us.

We are dedicated to leaving the earth in better condition than we find it. Being a large agricultural company does not mean we have to be wasteful, and we aim to be an example to other farms of what sustainable agriculture can look like. After all, our families live, play and work on the land we use to raise our crops and operate our dairy farm.

Our produce can be bought at grocery stores nationwide. Look for many of our brands in your local supermarket: Biggins®, Mr. Tasty, Old Oak Farms™, and Tasteful Selections®.