Featured Career: Fabricator

Wysocki Produce Farm fabricators are responsible for welding, assembling, performing testing and inspecting finished products. Finished products include planting equipment, truck boxes, machinery and motor frames.

No two days are the same for fabricators, whose primary work location is the Wysocki Produce Farm shop in Plainfield, WI. The work is highly technical and specialized. The fabricator sets up and operates fabricating machines including brakes, rolls, shears, flame cutters and drill presses.

Work-in-process may consist of fabrication and assembly of structural metal products such as framework or shells for machinery and metal buildings and equipment. Work activity occurs in a variety of ways including job orders, blueprints or verbal instructions.

Wysocki Produce Farm fabricators work independently and as part of a team, producing finished products that adhere to desired specifications and with minimal variation.

Safety always in job number one, and fabricators demonstrate continual adherence to high performance and safety standards.