RPE partners with cookbook author

The Packer

RPE has partnered with dietitian and cookbook author Cynthia Sass on an e-cookbook that features recipes using the company’s Tasteful Selections potatoes.

“We are excited to work on this project with Cynthia Sass,” Tim Huffcutt, marketing director, said in a news release. “Our consumers are looking to cut down on processed foods and often trying to accommodate gluten issues as well.

“We believe Cynthia’s recipes will help families create delicious and nutritious meals all while keeping prep time low,” Huffcutt said. “Our potatoes are bred to be small with consistent sizing, so they cook evenly. They don’t require any prep work, either. They’re so easy.”

The e-cookbook, which includes 16 recipes, will be available in July on the Tasteful Selections website, www.tastefulselections.com.

The Tasteful Selections line has 10 potato varieties, plus medleys, in three sizes.