Our Heritage

Founded in the late 1950s by three brothers, Louis, Francis and Greg Wysocki, WFC began as a potato farm, which still exists as Wysocki Produce Farm. The farm is still owned and operated by the family, with the second generation currently running the company.

It took us three generations, five plants and 50 years to make the best potatoes and onions for your table. Our story began when brothers Louis, Francis and Greg Wysocki partnered with their father on his small dairy farm and converted the operation to a potato farm.  At that moment in the late 1950s, Wysocki Farms was born. Over the years, the farm began to expand the Central Wisconsin operation started taking shipments of potatoes to market in Chicago, and the brothers learned new and innovative ways to store and pack potatoes.

Thirty years and a few partnerships with other local farmers like Nick Somers of Plover River Farms and Jeff Sommers later, Wysocki Farms grew into the premier potato and onion producer we know today.

Now, the second and third generations of the Wysocki and Sommers families are following in the footsteps of their fathers.  The operations have expanded to include growing regions throughout the country, and a few more farm families have been thrown into the mix, but the core principles that began 60 years ago still drive the company: grow quality produce for our family and yours.


Our corporate headquarters are in Bancroft, Wis., just 20 miles south of Stevens Point. Stevens Point is a lively city with a population of 27,000 and a variety of local events and attractions, such as its own university and several local breweries. Many of our employees also live in the nearby communities of Wisconsin Rapids, Plover and Waupaca. It’s a great area for outdoor enthusiasts to live, whether they are interested in boating, camping, hiking, fishing or hunting. Although WFC’s corporate headquarters are in Bancroft, we have offices and growers across the country, including California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio and Texas.


WFC provides many opportunities for employees to contribute to the workplace culture and community outside of their individual departments. Employees are encouraged to become a member of one of our workplace committees, which focus on variety of topics ranging from sustainability to party planning. WFC and our employees are involved with several community causes, including United Way, and do several fundraisers per year as a group. We also have many employee events to foster a sense of community.


We are committed to using sustainable practices at all of our companies. Our sustainable approach to growing means that we look to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation and conserve fuel in our farming practices. At RPE, our marketing and sales company, we have reduced our electricity usage by rewiring our facilities and adding variable speed controls to the fans in our storage facilities. At Central Sands Dairy, WFC uses anaerobic digesters to recycle waste into electricity, natural gas and heat for the barns, as well as recycle crop nutrients. Those recycled nutrients are applied to fields with effluent waste from the dairy, which reduces the need for fertilizer and the travel and labor associated with it.