Paragon Potato Farms

Paragon Potato Farms is a year-round, grower-owned, potato packing facility, located on-site with RPE headquarters in Bancroft, Wis. Wysocki Family of Companies, Plover River Farms and around 15 other growers supply potatoes to the packaging operation.

In addition to their packing facilities, Paragon Potato Farms owns storage facilities that house five million cases of potatoes, allowing for year-round supplies of potatoes for its customers. All of these potatoes, along with the facilities, are continuously examined by Paragon Potato Farms’ in-house quality assurance team. Food safety and quality assurance are priority number one at Paragon Potato Farms.

Paragon Potato Farms utilizes two separate grading stations that use a combination of innovative technology and standard practices to guarantee consistency, state-of-the-art hollow heart X-ray detection, repetitive sampling of all finished products, in-bound inspection programs for all produce received from growers, 10 consecutive bag weights verified per pallet to ensure consistency, and effective trace recall through code verification technology. It is easy to see that Paragon Potato Farms will continue to keep food safety and quality assurance at the top of its priority list.

Paragon Potato Farms grades up to 200 million pounds of potatoes each year. On a daily basis, Paragon Potato Farms will load approximately 40 semi trailers, shipping potatoes throughout the country.