Headquartered in the same building as Paragon Potato Farms, RPE serves as the marketing and sales team for Wysocki Family of Companies. RPE sells nationally over 18 million cases of potatoes and onions each year and is the largest marketer in Wis. representing over 40 percent of the state’s fresh market potato sales. RPE currently has offices in nine states: Calif., Colo., Ga., Idaho, Ill., Minn., Ohio, Texas, and Wis.

RPE is the sole marketer of all of Paragon Potato Farms’ and Wysocki Produce Farm’s produce, and has an exclusive marketing agreement with Frontier, the largest grower and packer of red potatoes in Wis., to be its sole marketer as well. Frontier grows and packs 900 acres of red potatoes and 200 acres of yellow potatoes for RPE, and packs an additional 300 acres of red potatoes for RPE. Frontier has a dedicated packaging facility for round varieties of potatoes, allowing RPE to efficiently provide quality red and yellow potatoes to its customers.

In August, 2009, RPE became the sole marketer of Sun Valley Potatoes in Paul, Idaho. RPE opened a branch office within the Sun Valley facility, ensuring that RPE sales representatives are located on-site. Sun Valley Potatoes’ packaging facility is owned by an 18-member farmer cooperative. Together, these growers have 30,000 acres of land base, and farm 8,000 acres of fresh market Idaho potatoes. RPE has marketing agreements to serve as the sole representative of these facilities, and also has exclusive marketing agreements with five facilities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. RPE also does marketing for numerous smaller operations and markets anywhere from 30- to 80-percent of their crops.

In January, 2010, RPE became a partner in Tasteful Selections, LLC in Bakersfield, Calif. The new venture allowed the company to be a partner in the growing and packing operations of over 5,000 acres of specialty potatoes throughout the state.

In July, 2010, RPE added a Colorado office and became the sole marketer of Hi-Land Potato Company in Monte Vista, Colo. In 2012, the Colo. marketing efforts were expanded to include grower and packer Spud Seller, with RPE serving as the exclusive marketer. Like RPE-Idaho, the Colo. branch office ensures that RPE sales representatives are present where the Colo. growers and the shippers are located.

For onions, RPE works with Gumz Muck Farms, LLC in Endeavor, Wis., located about 45 miles south of RPE Headquarters. Gumz Muck Farms grows 850 acres of onions annually.