At Wysocki Family of Companies we are committed to supplying our customers with responsibly produced goods through a holistic approach to farming. We scientifically assess our potatoes from seed to shelf to ensure the most efficient use of natural resources. For example through soil and plant tissue analysis combined with accurate weather station data, we are able to apply only the necessary amounts of water and nutrients needed to produce a crop.

In an effort to reduce our reliance on synthetic chemicals, we participate in the Healthy Grown Program created by the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association. This program connects farmers and university researchers to create Integrated Pest Management programs (IPMs) that rely on natural pest management strategies and reduce the use of pesticides. In conjunction with the Healthy Grown program, we have created a natural prairie site aimed at increasing the amount of habitat for native species of insects within the boundaries of our farm.  Working within a biological system requires constant evaluation of practices and reevaluation of goals.

We participate in the National Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (NISA) surveys that help us to assess our practices with our peers and collaboratively move the industry forward, toward a more sustainable future. By participating in the Walmart Sustainability Index, we are able to assess our impact on the broader global issues that surround our business, such as greenhouse gas emissions. As a company we strive for continual improvement and to ensure that we are taking advantage of the natural resources we apply, to grow an exceptional product for our customers.